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Why Choose Us at Frame2Finish

We love what we do

It is really important that you hire a builder who is passionate about delivering on your expectations. Without that passion or commitment to quality, corners get cut, and mistakes are made. At Frame2Finish, we work closely with our clients doing what we love – making homes beautiful while adapting them to the way our clients want to live.

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We deliver high standards of workmanship

Quality workmanship is central to every house, kitchen, or bathroom makeover that we complete here at Frame2Finish. We have exacting quality standards and quality control procedures that everyone working for us must follow, including the sub-trades we bring to your project. This ensures you get the best and most long-lasting finish possible.

We offer a personal standard of customer service

The standard of customer service that we offer is one of the reasons for our excellent reputation in the delivery of house, kitchen, and bathroom renovations in Auckland, NZ. From our project management capabilities to our levels of communication to the planning work that we do, we won’t let you down.

We strive to be the best

At Frame2Finish, we constantly seek to improve the level of service that we offer to customers. We stay up to date with the latest legislation and regulations that impact the building industry, and we are familiar with the latest building best practices. All our staff also receive regular training, and we use the latest technologies, particularly in relation to project management.

Home Renovation FAQs

It depends on the work being done, but if your project changes the use of a room in your house, changes the use of a building on your property, impacts how watertight your home is, or affects the structure, you will need either building consent or resource consent.

So, a bathroom refurb project probably won’t need building consent, but if you are planning to build an extension, you will.

Getting your dream kitchen or bathroom is an exciting process. You should start by getting some ideas. For bathrooms, think about the shower, bath, storage, and sink facilities you want, as well as the style of the bathroom. Bathroom tiles are important, too, and it can be helpful to visit the websites of Auckland tile suppliers.

The same applies to kitchens, but you should also think about the appliances that you need. The layout of your kitchen is crucial, too, as is storage space.

Whatever you are planning, you can start to sketch out a design. You will need a professional designer, but this will get the process started.

Yes, we can handle any renovation project you need, from upgrading or renovating your entire house, to shower refurbishment projects in an en suite bathroom.

Project management is an essential part of building projects, particularly larger renovation projects where there might be multiple builders and sub-contractors working on the job at various stages. The project manager ensures there is a proper plan and schedule in place to ensure the various elements are completed in the most efficient order, as well as ensuring tasks are completed on time. The project manager is also a crucial connection between you and the building work, providing you with updates and answering any questions you have.

A number of factors will influence how much waterproofing is required, from the base of your shower to the location of taps and drains. A general rule is that you need waterproofing wherever there is a potential outlet for water. Remember, waterproofing is about protecting the structure of your home, so it is usually best to waterproof as much as possible.

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Our Team

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Sophia Lewis

Director & Accountant

A wealth of experience in Accounting. Sophia is qualified in accounting and has worked in accounts from the time of leaving school and brings all 8 years experience to the team.


Daniel Lewis

General Manager

A strong customer focus. Dan has 20 years experience in the construction industry. Dan has successfully established other businesses within the construction industry bringing solid experience to the team

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Your Home Renovation Team

We are passionate about the work that we do and delivering on the expectations and vision of our customers. Whether you have a large renovation or building project or something smaller, you’ll get excellent workmanship and customer service,as well as a competitive quote.